Highlights of the Food Emulsifiers Market

Any major development that can change the business landscape as well as market forecasts

Clean-label ingredients in food products are slowly gaining global importance amongst consumers. Ingredient labeling has become mandatory in developed economies due to rising consumer awareness. This has brought about a change in the use of ingredients for production by the manufacturers. The demand for natural ingredients is increasing, owing to which, manufacturers are launching various products having natural ingredients that can provide an advantage to drive the consumption of emulsifiers. In 2020, a number of major food manufacturers such as General Mills (US), Hershey’s (US), Kellogg’s (US), and Nestle (Switzerland) aimed at eliminating artificial additives from a majority of their food products sold in the US; this initiative took a hit, in terms of the effectiveness of these additives.

Addition/Refinement in segmentation – Increase in the depth or width of segmentation

Emulsifier Type Segmentation Refinement: In the previous edition of the report, the food emulsifier market, on the basis of type, was segmented into lecithin, mono- & di-glycerides and their derivatives, sorbitan esters, stearoyllactylates, polyglycerol esters, others.

(i)            Addition of subsegment for Lecithin: Two new subsegments of lecithin have been added for a better understanding of the market.

Food emulsifiers market, by type,


•             Oiled

•             De-Oiled

Additionally, the market numbers for applications are given at the country level, in terms of value

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Coverage of new market players, brand mapping, and micro-quadrants for key players and startups

Company Profiles: Company profiles give a glimpse of the key players in the market, with respect to business overview, financials, product offerings, and recent developments. In the new edition of the report, Tate & Lyle (Ireland)has been profiled, as it has emerged as a key player in recent years due to various strategic investments, agreements, and product launches performed in the food emulsifiers market. These strategic developments have challenged the status quo of industry leaders,and it was prudent to analyze the changing business landscape.Extensive brand mapping with respect to the properties of the food emulsifiers has been carried out in this new version of the report, in the “by brand” chapter. Competitive leadership mapping (Micro-quadrants) of key players (Tier 1 and 2) and start-ups are also added as new segments.

Updated financial information/ product portfolio of players

Newer and improved representation of financial information: The new edition of the report provides updated financial information in the context of food emulsifiers market till 2019/2020 for each listed company in a graphical representation in a single diagram (instead of multiple tables). This would easily help to analyze the present status of the profiled companies, in terms of their financial strength, product portfolio strength, key revenue generating region/country, business segment focus in terms of the highest revenue generating segment, and investment on research and development activities.


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