Population Growth and Increase in Demand for Food Drive the Soil Aerators Market

The population growth, increase in demand for food, rising net farm income due to mechanization, along with a shift towards organic farming are some of the major driving factors for the soil aerators market. Factors such as increasing farm mechanization levels and rising profitability are also increasing the demand for the soil aerators, globally. R&D activities carried out by leading manufacturers, to develop low-cost production techniques are expected to further drive the growth rate of the soil aerators market. 

Market Dynamics:


  • Shrinking Arable Land
  • Population Growth and Increase in Demand for Food
  • Increase in Net Farm Income Due to Mechanization
  • Shift Toward Organic Farming     


  • Small and Fragmented Land Holding Restricting the Usage of Heavy Farm Equipment


  • Innovations in Soil Aerator Types


  • Lack of Awareness of Soil Aerators
  • Rise in No-Tillage Farming in the Us

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Agriculture segment set to dominate the market by 2023

The soil aerators market, by application, is projected to be dominated by the agriculture segment during the forecast period. The dominance of agriculture in soil aerators is attributable to the increase in large-scale holdings of farmers in most developed countries and an increasing trend of farm mechanization in developing countries. The rapid increase in population growth and increasing demand for food, with shrinking arable land, are expected to drive the soil aerators market growth.

Mounted segment is projected to be the fastest-growing during the forecast period

The mounted segment is estimated to dominate the mode of operation segment for soil aerators in 2018 and is also projected to be the fastest-growing from 2018 to 2023. Low turnaround time, higher accuracy, availability of large land holdings for cultivation, specifically in North America and Europe are the factors driving the market for the mounted mode of operation.

Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing market during the forecast period

The Asia Pacific market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR from 2018 to 2023. Major growth drivers of the region include the adoption of smart, mechanized aerators owing to technological advancements in countries such as India, China, and Japan. In addition, factors such as an increase in footfall, overgrazing by livestock, the pressure exerted by heavy equipment, climatic conditions, strong government support through subsidies, and increased productivity requirements also drive the soil aerators market in the region.

This report includes a study of marketing and development strategies, along with the product portfolios of leading companies. It includes the profiles of leading service companies such as Deere & Company (US), Mahindra and Mahindra (India), Bucher Industries (Switzerland), CNH Industrial (UK), ALAMO (US), and AGCO Corporation (US).

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